Enjoy the elegance of a real wood look floor without the upkeep and at a fraction of the price. A best-quality laminate wooden floor guaranteed to give a superb new look to your place. All flooring types have their own benefits, and it is up to you to determine which option best suits your home and lifestyle.

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We are experts in all aspects of Wooden flooring, including timber, laminate, glued down, engineered wood, prefinished, and parquet installations, as well as subfloor preparation such as grinding, self- levelling, Under-cutting skirting, finishing along with floor covering, filling up no more gaps and much more.

Perfect Flooring is your professional flooring specialist who can help you make flooring decisions. Our professional tradesmen with years of combined flooring experience can provide full wooden floor services.

Years Of Perfect Flooring with Quality at Its Best!

Perfect Flooring provides the installation of all types of wooden floors that are sourced in New Zealand from all over the world. We work in harmony with our surroundings. Perfect Flooring works closely with renowned interior designers, and home-building businesses to bring your dream home and interior design style to life, whether you are building a new home or renovating.

All standard warranties are provided by Perfect Flooring. Before we begin, we will discuss the warranty/warranties that apply to your flooring project. Please keep in mind that the flooring material is not covered by the same warranty as the workmanship.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire team of Perfect Flooring. They were thorough professional and cooperative. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get the work done according to the highest standards of quality.


My experience with the team Perfect Flooring was commendable. They provided me amazing wooden flooring installation services for my office. They truly brought my ideas into life by providing me services that are just stunning. Thank you so much, you guys!


    We are the Wooden Floor Installation industry leaders, producing the most trustable and trendy solution you need.

    With a greater appreciation than ever for improving our homes and surroundings, we pooled all of our efforts and knowledge to create the most dependable and trendy solution for you.

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    In terms of commercial aesthetics and design, wood is a popular choice for adding a touch of luxury to any space.

    All our residential floor installation with care ensures that you get a floor that you will love for a lifetime.

    Perfect Flooring offers futuristic surface solutions for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.